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Diabetes and Pregnancy Vitamin D And Lifestyle Intervention for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Prevention

Diabetes mellitus during pregnancy is a very serious disease with dire consequences for both mother and baby. As a result, babies can be born with growth disturbances, breathing problems or low blood sugar. In the long run, diabetes mellitus during pregnancy - also called Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) - constitutes insofar a problem for mother and baby as it might lead to overweight (obesity) and diabetes in the future. Due to the lack of typical symptoms and Europe-wide standards in diagnosis and treatment it is very difficult to diagnose GDM. The number of affected people rises constantly; in some countries, almost 20% of pregnant women have GDM.

The EU-project DALI is the framework for 13 partners from 11 countries to cooperate in a Europe-wide and large-scale study with the aim to develop effective preventive measures for GDM.

During the next four and a half years, DALI will investigate the actual spreading of the disease by using standardized diagnostic methods. Furthermore, possible preventive measures will be tested.

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Seventh Framework Programme